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State of the Industry report on D&I and Pay data from Job Reviews for hundreds of organizations in sports!


OpenlyHQ is the first and only platform bringing transparency to jobs in sports. We collect job, interview, and pay reviews for hundreds of professional teams, colleges and other 3rd party organizations in sports! Our focus spans around an organization's Culture, Work-Life Balance, D&I (Diversity & Inclusiveness), Pay, Growth Potential and Overall Review as well as Pro’s and Con’s. 

Each quarter, we will focus on different measurements based on employee reviews and we can use the data to understand the state of the industry! This quarter, we wanted to analyze the D&I and Pay data for the variety of industries and job categories in sports. For the full report or if you would like a raw export of this data, please email us at Hello@OpenlyHQ.com

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Averages across Sports Industries

SCALE: 5= Very Satisfied, 1=Dissatisfied. At this time, gambling companies and sports agencies excelled the most in D&I scores. The NHL (2.14) and MLB (2.57) are at the bottom.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Averages across skillsets

SCALE: 5= Very Satisfied, 1=Dissatisfied. Results show the sales industry (2.90) failed to meet the D&I review average compared to other roles. Marketing led the way with a 3.51 out of 5

Pay Averages (Industry)

SCALE: 5= Very Satisfied, 1=Dissatisfied. As of now, the MLB and NCAA are below average in regards to employee Pay satisfaction. Clothing brands (Nike, Adidas, etc.), as well as Gambling and Media, lead the way.

Pay Averages (Skillset)

SCALE: 5= Very Satisfied, 1=Dissatisfied. At this time, operations/events jobs exceed the average satisfaction of other roles. Sadly, Creative/Design came in at the lowest across skillsets with a 2.12 out of 5

Total Open Jobs (Location)

Currently, California and New York are excelling in open job opportunities. 

Total Open Jobs (Category)

According to our data, creative/design, marketing, and sales jobs have the most current job openings. 

Total Open Jobs (Industry)

In reviewing the open positions on our board, the NBA has the most open positions by a wide margin.

Total Closed Jobs (Location)

California and New York are shown with the most filled jobs in the previous quarter.

Total Closed Jobs (Category)

By analyzing our job board, we are able to see what skill sets are in demand once positions have been filled. Over the previous quarter, we saw demand in sales, marketing, and creative/design positions.

Total Closed Jobs (Industry)

Over the previous quarter, we saw high demand in the professional sports leagues specifically the NFL, NBA, & MLB.

Category of Jobs

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